Kawasaki's 2018 Z900RS in Toronto

Kawasaki's 2018 Z900RS in Toronto

Kawasaki's 2018 Z900RS, available at Snow City Cycle Marine in Toronto, wears a retro look. This sports model by Kawasaki is an ideal blend of the modern with the traditional.Holding an engine with a traditional In-Line Four configuration, Kawasaki has backed the 2018 Z900RS with its latest rider support technology. For riders who love character and story, the 2018 Z900RS in Toronto offers its riders the freedom to look around and soak in the simple things life has to offer.

Oozing the 70's charm, 2018 Z900RS available in Toronto is packed with it a liquid-cooled 900cc-class In-Line Four. Asynchronous ride feel combines the smooth response of an In-Line Four tuned for low-mid range torque, a deep rumbling exhaust note crafted to deliver additional rider enjoyment, and neutral handling that enables both leisurely and sporty riding.

With each component being methodically selected, the 2018 Z900RS is designed to deliver additional rider enjoyment which is powered by 6-speed, return transmission. Another benefit of the bike is the neutral handling that promises relaxed and sporty riding. Also known as the responsive machine, 2018 Z900RS Toronto complies with all the instructions. The bike's 58-inch wheelbase makes this mean machine quite stable along with Dunlop Sports max GPR-300F tires.

Winding the throttle of the 2018 Z900RS, available at Snow City Cycle Marine in Toronto, bike, the 948cc engine adds some serious spirit to the machine. With 72 ft/lbs of torque at 6500 rpm, Kawasaki's 2018 Z900RS makes available gobs of usable power that ensures that you drive out of the exits with a wide smile. Smaller diameter exhaust, calmer cam timing and lesser compression ensure you get the best ride. The classic look that Kawasaki has lent to 2018 Z900RS makes it stand out; fit and finish of this bike are absolutely remarkable. The gleaming brown-and-orange 2018 Z900RS for sure makes heads turn.

In order to give the bike a vintage look, modern components are added. These include round LED headlight, teardrop tank, and tail cow. It's no doubt that Kawasaki has successfully accomplished in putting together an exceptionally competent machine that combines brilliant look with great performance.


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