What are Snow City Rider Rewards?

Snow City Rider Reward program is our way of saying “Thank you for being our customer!” With the Rider Rewards program, you automatically earn points on orders placed online or in store. 

How do I earn Snow City Rider Rewards?

To start collecting Rider Rewards we must have your first and last name, mobile phone number and email address. This information will be used to track purchases and collect the rewards. Your email must be active. You will need to use this email address to access the Rewards portal: http://portal.dealerdestination.com/Login.aspx.  On the Rider Rewards portal, you will be able to track transactions and rewards earned. All rewards earned are available the next day for redemption provided a minimum of 250 points have been accumulated. 

How many Snow City Rider Rewards will I earn with my purchase?

The number of points earned will vary based on the item(s) purchased. A certain percentage of the purchase will be added to your Rewards account, as seen below:

For all Parts & Accessory Purchases

1 point per dollar spent
Example: $100 purchase = 100 points 

For our VIP clients
2.5 points per dollar spent 
Example: $100 purchase = 250 points

For New or Used Major Unit Purchases

1% of sale price
Example: $3000 purchase = 30 points toward a future purchase 

*Please note that the Rider Rewards is not offered on merchandise already substantially discounted during purchase. We also exclude certain items in parts and accessories which are already discounted substantially by the manufacturers/suppliers for your benefit. Rider Rewards do not have any cash value and can only be redeemed in store. 

How do I achieve Snow City VIP Rider Reward status?

VIP reward status is awarded to individuals that have purchased a unit that holds a serial number.

How do I check my Snow City Rider Reward balance?

You may check your Loyalty Rewards point balance online or in store. To check your balances online go to http://portal.dealerdestination.com/Login.aspx. If you do not have an account or have forgotten your password, click on ‘ Forgot Password or First Time Logging In’. 

Will I earn Snow City Rider Rewards when I redeem my gift card as a method of payment?

Yes, rewards are accumulated when the gift card is being redeemed for the purchase of qualifying product. Rewards are not accumulated by the purchaser of the gift card.

Can I redeem my Snow City Rider Rewards when ordering online?

Unfortunately, our online store does not support the processing of Rider Rewards on purchases. We are working on a solution. 

Rewards are still accumulated on customer’s accounts regardless of how the purchase is made. If you would like to use rewards on a purchase, send a copy of the order to orders@snowcity.com. DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR ORDER ONLINE.  

Can I use my Snow City Rider Rewards to purchase a major unit?

Currently this is not an option.

Are my Snow City Rider Rewards transferable?

No, they are not transferable. Points follow the email address on file. If you would like to share rewards with a spouse/partner/family, ensure that you use a shared email address for accumulation and redemption.

What is the value of my Snow City Rider Rewards?

Rider Rewards do not have any cash value. They can be redeemed in the following increments provided that sufficient rewards are accumulated.

$5 = 250 rewards
$10 = 500 rewards
$20 = 1,000 rewards
$40 = 2,000 rewards 
$60 = 3,000 rewards
$80 = 4,000 rewards
$100 = 5,000 rewards
$150 = 7,500 rewards
$200 = 10,000 rewards

Do I need to use all my Snow City Rider Rewards by a particular date?

Yes, Rider Rewards expire 365 days after issue. You will receive an email notification of expiring points 30 and 10 days prior.  

Great! How do I sign up?

You will automatically start earning rewards on your next purchase provided that we have your name, mobile number, and email address on file. To create an account to review your rewards earned and spent, go to http://portal.dealerdestination.com/Login.aspx and click on ‘ Forgot Password or First Time Logging In’. 


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