Steps for Motorcycle Winter Storage

Steps for Motorcycle Winter Storage.

Cold weather always beings in a bad news for most hardcore motorcycle riders. If you are a part of that adventurous group, now is the time to think about proper winter storage for your motorcycle. Now if you are planning to hang up your riding gear for a few months, it is important to take proper winter care in order to make sure that your bike is ready for the spring season as proper winter storage of motorcycle ensures trouble-free ride for bikers.

The first step is to find the best space for your mean machine to sleep in. It is important to have a heated storage to ensure proper winter storage for a motorcycle. You can have this heated storage in your own garage or can also part your bike at a commercial storage facility. Snow City Cycle Marine in Toronto offers winter storage for motorcycles. The second step involves giving your bike a good wash and performing any needed upkeep and repairs as mentioned in the owner's manual. Winter storage motorcycle demands proper lubing of chains and cables. Also, ensure that the tires are inflated with proper pressure.

One of the most crucial step whilst preparing your bike for winter storage is to add fuel stabilizer. Stabilizers are easily available at an auto parts store. It is equally crucial to cover the bike properly during the winter season. Proper coverage with plastic tarps helps in trapping the moisture, which further helps in keeping the bike safe from corrosion that usually crops on chrome and painted. The ideal thing to do here is to buy a good quality breathable cover designed for your bike.

Another step in winter storage for a motorcycle is to ensure that the battery is well charged. However, don't overcharge it as well for an overcharged battery can prove to be a havoc for your motorcycle. It not only kills the battery but can also lead to boiling up of the fluid inside and can even lead to an explosion. The safest bet in this case is to buy a battery minder and charger that will work as needed in order to maintain a proper charge. With your bike fully prepared for a few months of hibernation, do secure it with a good lock and chain for that extra peace of mind.


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